The UK’s biggest parking reservation marketplace

Improve visibility

List your spaces on the UK’s biggest parking marketplace. With over 13 million JustPark customers able to book your spaces with a few taps, you’ll see a direct uplift in revenue.

A better experience

Drivers love having the ability to reserve a space before they leave. Adding this option will lead to happier customers and better repeat rates in the usage of your spaces.

The perfect combination

By combining Reserve and On-Demand you can dynamically assign spaces to either depending on how busy it is. Say goodbye to empty, under-utilised car parks.

The leading app

We’re the only parking app that covers reservations, on-demand parking, airport parking, monthly parking and EV charging. Our app is hugely popular with our users and constantly updated with new features.

With Reserve, you’ll gain access to a huge new network of drives, all looking for parking. We’ll ensure your spaces are competitively priced and reach the right audiences, giving you the best opportunity to hit your true revenue potential.

Our app is the most trusted parking app for UK drivers, scoring 4.5/5 on Trustpilot. We make parking simple and stress-free by allowing drivers to book spaces in advance, giving you reliable and predictable volumes.

Not a problem. We’ll work with you to dynamically assign spaces between Reserve and On-Demand to best meet the needs of the market. With real-time data driving these decisions, you’ll maximise your earnings effortlessly.

Our products work even better when combined.

Read more about our other smart parking solutions below.

Create a great on-site experience for your customers through our award-winning app and parking payment solutions.

Make business-critical decisions with confidence by bringing all your data sources together in one sophisticated dashboard.

Increase repeat bookings by utilising bespoke offers, welcome messages, customer surveys and much more.

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