World-class business intelligence tool

Unite your data sources

Combine data sources from multiple parking partners to get a holistic & insightful operation overview, saving you time and eliminating errors.

Dive deeper

Our real-time analytics let you see how your business is performing anywhere, anytime – empowering you to make smarter decisions and seize opportunities.

Save time with automations

You’ll gain time back every day thanks to scheduled reporting that doesn’t require time-consuming error checking.

Account support

Our team will work with you to onboard your inventory, customise your reporting and understand your outcomes, ensuring you get the full potential of Insights.

Thanks to Insights you’ll have all your data, from multiple sources, working together to give you a complete picture of your business.

Automated reporting means your reports and analytics will be timely, accurate and effortless – letting you focus on running your day-to-day business.

Unless you’re confident in your data you’ll struggle to make any meaningful decisions with it. With Insights, you’ll have reliable, real-time data driving every decision you make.

Our products work even better when combined.

Read more about our other smart parking solutions below.

Maximise your parking sales and profits by applying the proven dynamic pricing strategies of the airline and hotel industries.

Boost your revenue effortlessly by putting your spaces in front of more than 13 million drivers looking to pre-book parking.

Increase repeat bookings by utilising bespoke offers, welcome messages, customer surveys and much more.

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